About Victor

Victor is a twenty-something who was born and raised in a place he likes to call “the suburbian Bronx.” He is still in college, because he had to quit for a few years and work in the BPO sweatshops, where he learned how to make things sound nice to other people.

He likes several things: spicy food, terse sentences, novels with character-driven plots, long bus trips, unlined notebooks, Tolkien, trains, instant noodles, fine-tip pens, mechanical pencils, Venn diagrams, maps, understatements, the Fibonacci sequence, serif typefaces, punctuation marks,  the subjunctive, writing letters.

His clothes vary in color: black, white, dark-gray, blue-gray, light-gray, khaki, brown. If you see him wearing something different, it’s possible he’s too busy to do his laundry and has reverted to his high school clothes.

At several points in time, strangers have variously suspected him of being Vietnamese, Thai, or Cambodian. None of which are accurate.

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