2011, simplified

There are two familiar ways to write a personal year-end review. The first involves a simple chronology of all the good, the bad, and the ugly, followed promptly by an epiphany and a new year’s resolution. The second involves making fun of myself (and possibly everyone else), which is sometimes nothing really more than an attempt at humor. But either of the two would be easy, and convenient, and redundant, since I have already done both previously.

So I thought: Why not make it a lot easier and more convenient, without having to repeat myself? This year, I tried to condense twelve months into the following illustrations that would help me simplify things, without, of course, having to look forward to the Mayan Apocalypse.

Of course, these do not tell everything. For example, I’m too embarrassed to openly admit how often I listen to Adele and that  everything was self-rated. Also, these graphs are created only using estimates, which means it’s possible that I may have been, I don’t know, a little careless? 

A “Happy New Year” to everyone and may you guys never have to resort to graphs next year.

18 thoughts on “2011, simplified

  1. Hi, there! How are you? Just noticed you followed my WordPress blog. Thanks for that! And nice blog you got in here, man. 🙂

    This year-end post… I love it! I don’t know how you made those charts, but they’re awesome! Should have thought of that one before. And it’s nice that you have awesome music taste. 😀

    Happy Holidays and happy 2012! 😀

    1. Thanks for following me here, Andy. 🙂 I know it can get annoying, though–being dragged to wherever I wish to go. LOL. I swear on my mother’s gray hairs that this would be the last time. And then I’ll leave it all to Lady Gaga. 🙂

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