ten-second bytes

1. I am not safe in your beauty; in the arms of your words, laughs, sighs, dreams; in the comfort of the corners in your mind. I am not safe, but I have no desire to be somewhere else.

2. What can I tell you about you? That you have undone my poetry and my fiction. And I must write now these truths. Here. And also, here, beneath my hand, where the walls are not made of paper.

3. Time forks, unceasing, into endless futures. In one of them, I am your lover. In another, I am someone you barely remember.


25 thoughts on “ten-second bytes

  1. Jayvie: ("Him? It was a boy? You fell in love with a boy? That's silly.") I plan to pattern my kid's genetic set after Olive Hoover's. I just hope science will be ready when I'm ready.

  2. @Victor: Waiting for a sign involves the question of faith. As a fisherman might watch for a slight moving shift in the winds, one waits for the Spirit that moves…When was it that you last believed?

  3. As usual, napakahirap na naman magcomment sa post mo without appearing stupid. Why are we even friends? Hahaha…All I can say is I like #2. Reminds me of Pablo Neruda.

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