to ‘incieve’

I remember few of my dreams. I wake up with only flashes of colours, like swift water slipping through my fingers, only to find my fists clenched, my own breath strange.

In dreams that I do remember, I recall lucidly the moment a bullet lodges itself in my head, or the second that an arrow pierces my arm, or the muted instant a mine explodes somewhere around me. Then I suddenly realise that I am dreaming and I cannot be destroyed. I pick the bullet from my brain. I pluck the arrow from my flesh. I reconstruct my bones.

Once I remember we held a naked blade together and I could feel blood warm and thick. But I woke up, only to find my hands empty, and my eyes blind in the dark, the wounds real and open to the night air.


11 thoughts on “to ‘incieve’

  1. strange. i've had the same exact dreams. the bullet, the arrow… only, instead of a mine, mine was a cave.. and at the onset of the explosion, i look up, stalactites fall, and a huge one pierces my body right through the heart… and it always happens in slow motion.. weird.oh and thanks! 😀 you know what i mean…

  2. Just the other day I was texting my friend Khikhi and I fell asleep. I dreamt I was in a tent and there's an aswang outside, looking in. Khikhi has a way of bringing me nightmares.

  3. I think I'm starting to get what LOF called "emotional a-bombs." it's amazing how this leaves me no choice but to feel my own wounds, think of my own scars as i think the other readers also did. wunnnerfuuullll..

  4. "Then I suddenly realise that I am dreaming and I cannot be destroyed."I do that sometimes, too. is it the power of the mind, or the omnipotence of humans over dreams? you are one prolific writer. please write more. hehe. demanding lang. i'll backread muna, mister 😀

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