all i want for christmas

Prinsesa Musang is arranging this online secret santa scheme among bloggers. And I was tempted to involve myself. For the unlucky one who got to be my partner, here’s my list.

Something small: an old skeleton key
Something big: a Neon Genesis Evangelion Unit 01 model
Something cute: a Tamagochi
Something soft: a bath towel nicked from any five-star hotel
Something techie: a pocket electronic dictionary
Something fancy: an unlined Moleskin notebook
Something wearable: Yaiba‘s slippers V’s mask in V for Vendetta
Something sweet: a snail-mail letter
Something I need: a reading lamp
*Something I just happen to want: an easel
Something I can use for work: The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
*Something entirely stupid: any one of those very handy Japanese inventions
All I (Really) Want For Christmas: an old-edition set of The Lord The Rings

I think the thing is still going on. So click here for the details and join in. Now.

*categories I just made up


12 thoughts on “all i want for christmas

  1. will you settle for the complete set of action figures of the members of the fellowship of the ring still in the box that's just gathering dust under my bed? heheheheactually, that's a good idea, i need the complet works of shakespeare myself"speak what we feel, not what we ought to say"

  2. victor, date for the submission of entries was extended until november 14, 2010. please join our project. and please help us spread the word. thanks a lot! 🙂

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