talk to my right ear

I’d have to see a doctor soon. Of course I should have realised this before, but I always had faith in what is often called “self-medication.” I like fixing things, including my own body organs.

However, self-help does not work all the time. I should have known that. My friends Nuraldin and Josef told me so.

For nearly a month now, my left ear has refused to work normally. This has been since I moved into my new apartment and developed the habit of sleeping on my left side. Since I rarely move an inch when I’m asleep, I would always be stuck in that same position the whole night.

After a few days, my left ear must have got tired of being scrunched up against the pillow and decided to go on sick leave. I started not being able to hear from my left ear, unless I yank it sideways. I think a small bone got dislocated somewhere inside. Grade school wisdom says the ear has the three smallest bones in the human body.

In any case, I thought this ailment was actually a blessing in disguise. Now, I could choose when to listen and when not to listen. Listening is a pain. A woman on the bus stop blabs about her boyfriend’s proclivities and I politely turn a “blind ear” to her. In the coffee shop queue, a sad little person was verbally abusing the cashier and I turn my “blind ear” to his noise.

Lately, however, I started not hearing at all from my left ear, even when I yank it sideways. Crossing the street now has to be done with exaggerated carefulness. The clock’s alarm volume had to be exponentially raised. Talking to certain soft-spoken people became a painful chore.

A few days ago, over dinner, I told my former officemate Bubbly Dacer about my condition. She has gone through three different medical operations and is regarded as an authority about strange ailments. When I finished telling her about my blind ear, she said, “You should see a doctor.”

“I know,” I said, in the most defeated tone that I can muster.

“No, no,” she replied and then smiled. She whipped up her Blackberry and showed me a Facebook profile page. “He’s the doctor who treated a friend of my cousin’s brother-in-law.”

I stole a glance at the photo. Then I quickly scanned the rest of the page.

My friends Nureldin and Josef were right. I should see a doctor soon.

*Photo is from The Last King of Scotland, with James McAvoy


16 thoughts on “talk to my right ear

  1. you should see him now. malay mo, baka hindi lang tenga ang gamutin niya sa'yo. but seriously, huwag mong ipagwalang-bahala ang mga ganyan. mahirap na. get well soon, victor, and take care always. 🙂

  2. Is there something about the doctor's picture that convinced you that you should see him? Anyways yes you should go get that ear checked out. Unless you want to go through life with only 4 and 1/2 senses.

  3. Aris, I still haven't seen the doctor yet; I should. Soon. This week. Then we will see. Drew, if it were McAvoy, who cares if he looks like a schizoid?Sam, I'm sure it's nothing serious. Hence my procrastination. Hehe.Glentot, let's just say that the Facebook profile I saw was very persuasive?

  4. Rah, curiously, you weren't the first to tell me that.Lee, whatever reason Bubbly Dacer showed me the profile, she was right.Desole Boy, why do you hate doctors?Manech, what is "khingkay"? Haha.Herbs, well, thanks. That's nice of you to say.

  5. Ahmer, speaking out of experience are we? :pDitto, Dirk.Was it any good, Carlo?Nylli, you should have thought of that when you were convincing me to go see a doctor. Haha.

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