hello, meet me

I’m taking over for now. He will be away for quite some time, and I don’t have any idea when he’ll be back. So don’t ask me, okay. I don’t give a flying fuck. He can do whatever he likes and I’ll just do my job. Which is basically to fix his life.

He wouldn’t admit it here, but he’s in deep shit right now. Approximately six, seven inches of it. If he were in control right now and he were the one writing this post, you would have been reading the usual BS he fills this blog with. Either some watered-down Marxist shit that no one cares about, or some dark-humoured nonsense that only he finds funny. He feeds his ego with pretenses and delusions of order. As far as I’m concerned, the main thing of this blog is to censor himself from the usual artsy emo crap he writes every now and then in his other blog.

Earlier when we were in the bookshop and he was looking for a book to read, I made him get an Eco. Those Ishiguros and Ondaatjes and McEwans make him too much of a sissy. He tried to negotiate on a Roald Dahl, but the title sounds suspicious, so I said no.

“Don’t push your luck. Just do what I say. Otherwise, I’ll leave you alone to fix your own mess,” I told him. He didn’t say anything back and just took the Eco. (He also secretly grabbed a Wilde on his way to the cashier when I wasn’t looking, but I finally decided to just let it go. It’s his dough that he’s wasting for crap like that, so what do I give a damn for.)

To be fair with the guy, he can usually manage by himself, though barely. Almost always by just the skin of his own teeth. Between the two of us, he’s the one who has a bank of useless, trivial ideas that he stretches to strange theories. Aside from that, he’s not much use for anything else. Especially when it comes to the practical street stuff. Which is why he needs me every now and then.

Unlike him, I can be quite specific about myself and about what I want. He speaks in riddles when he is in a good mood and nothing at all when in a really bad one. But he tries to be honest in between moods.

As for me, I always go for the straightforward. If I had been a blogger, my posts would shock, and he would both despise and admire me at the same time, if ever he comes across my blog. Only I never get the chance to to sign-up for my own blogger account. I’m a little taken aback when he gave me his account password last night. “And what the hell am I supposed to do with this?” I asked him. “Post an entry on my blog,” he told me in that deadpan voice that uses only on me.

So maybe I’ll get to write about myself after all. I don’t think Victor will get back anytime soon. Maybe I’ll get to write the next post, too. For now, let me introduce myself. I’m Greg.

*To humor him, I asked him to pick a photo that would go with this post. I noticed he goes for this kind of gimmick. To humor me, he picked this still from a scene in Fight Club, one of my favorite flicks. I agree it’s kind of appropriate.


38 thoughts on “hello, meet me

  1. Hello! Wow, this is so cool! It's nice meeting you guys, too. He talks about you all the time and now I'm actually talking to you. I think this will be exciting, don't you think?

  2. Hi Greg. I've seen you before. Perhaps you didn't think I noticed. I did. Just because the world around Victor has ignored you and been unkind to you, I would encourage you to have compassion for Victor since you both have suffered from that cruelty together — even if it felt like you received most of the suffering.

  3. Greg, you mustn't forget to feed the fishies like Victor does. I dropped a few flakes of fish food into their aquarium and the sorry bastards positively went into a frenzy.

  4. I think I'm starting to like this whole blogging, whatever, community.Lance, I'm not sure if we have met. We probably did. I bet it was just for a few seconds. Victor apparently does not need compassion. He needs me.Eon, I made him get The Name of the Rose. Are you an Eco sort of guy?Shane, I don't know until when. But I'll make the most of my time here. You'll see.Drew, Victor sends his, err, regards. And yeah, I just fed those fishes. I didn't know they were fishes, so thanks for telling me.

  5. Peter, he's fine. I wonder why you guys keep on asking about him. He's away. As for the Eco, he's quite up to it. It wasn't meant to torture him. Also, I see you're a new blogger so that should make us mates.Aris, thanks man. I'll try real hard to get the next post.Rah, I'm really not sure. He's away. And he's doing a lot of things. Mostly just thinking about stuff. That's all he's good for. Thinking. Haha!

  6. Glenn, oh no. I wouldn't even imagine. Marla Singer = The Red Queen? LOL.Iurico, I visited your blog a few times before, by the way. I should say I was entertained. Thanks for dropping by here!Sam, you'll get him back once I'm tired of blogging. Would it be hard to put up with me for the meantime?

  7. @Greg – Sam, you'll get him back once I'm tired of blogging. Would it be hard to put up with me for the meantime? < No. Of course, not. Eco's a good place to start – "Stat rosa pristina nomine…" 🙂

  8. Lance, I wouldn't be surprised. He needs me often, but mostly only for a few seconds to a few minutes. This is just about the longest time he let me out of my cage.Sam, I had to ask Victor about that Latin bit. Haha!Videoke King, why thank you! I'm new as well, so that makes the two of us? Three, including Peter?YJ, I don't know. But I remember you. We have met.Lee, hello you, too!

  9. Wait, I haven't sent him to the loony bin. Though I wish I could.Citybuoy, listen. It's not up to me, okay. And do whatever you like with the damn fishes. Yas, ah no you didn't. You see, that was Victor you met. You don't know the difference.Carrie, you're right. But it isn't me who, uh, transforms into someone else. It's the other guy. Hehe.

  10. Orally, well, I guess Victor is just not for everybody, you know what I mean?Lance, he needs me more than I need him. That much is clear. Hehe.

  11. Oh nice. Greg. From the sound of the name this will be an exciting journey for you.Umberto Eco? I haven't read one but I'm sure he's worth the read.Welcome.

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