the shrink option

There are several ways people deal with personal crises. My friend Genghis Plan resolves them grimly and determinedly, as if dilemmas were mere entire civilisations which needed conquering. On the other hand, Heidelberg and Vanderbilt, former officemates, regard narcotics as their primary option. On yet another hand–which makes that three hands, in which case I’m a mutant–I know yet other people who rely on other people, mainly shrinks, to solve problems for them.

I have been thinking about the shrink option for quite a while now. For someone who had always tried to keep to himself his greatest doubts, this is quite a development, and perhaps this only shows how hopeless urgent my situation is–which is correct in ways more than one, because there is so much at stake, at least for the next ten, fifteen years.

Movies tell us that stories involving shrinks spell danger. In Prime (2005), Meryl Streep is ruinously meddlesome. In Gothika (2004), the doctors are either incompetent or mad. In Silence of the Lambs (1990), Anthony Hopkins is a cannibalistic psychopath. In the German classic Das Kabinett des Doktor Caligari (1919), patients are hypnotised to carry out a few murders here and there.

Luckily, my life lacks the cinematic plot necessary for such stories. This is why I have given the shrink option a lot of thought lately. How do I find one? How much do they charge? How long is each session? Do I want to see a shrink because I genuinely want to be told what to do? Or do I seek professional advice just so I could easily reject it? Will it bother me if the shrink is… attractive?

Too many things to consider. So little time left. Honestly, I think it is highly probable that I will end up doing nothing about this pickle that I’m in. I am lazy. All I do is fantasise think. It wouldn’t be the first time I thought and wrote and thought until it is too late. It is what my shrink in the future would possibly call a chronic–and incurable–“disorder.”


22 thoughts on “the shrink option

  1. given that there seems to be not so many of those around, baka kasing halaga yan ng isang hulugan na cosmetics procedure. this is just a popular belief. self-help is the way to go with local city dwellers anyway. the movie prime just shows how vulnerable we can be insisting to live in a bubble.

  2. hmm.. napaisip tuloy ako. i think we all have this idea implanted in our thoughts that shrinks can cure people. haha blame it on weak storytellers who treat shrinks as a way out for impossible plot twists. the man always always cheats. get therapy. the woman is too needy. get therapy. idk that's what i think.but if u do get a shrink (lol) lemme know. parang gusto ko rin yan. haha

  3. Yehey, another film geek(?)! Are you one? 😛 I have just noticed your references to Silence of the Lambs and Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (the latter, I haven't fucking seen yet and need to get to it sooner). Like most, I have also no clue and I haven't personally dealt with a shrink, a psychotherapist, or whatever. But I am interested in seeing one. Maybe, I do need someone who can possibly lead my life to some direction. Or maybe I just like hearing myself talking about myself XD.

  4. scorpio: i think the point of entering therapy is so that we can bear the responsibility of our own lives… a therapist who leads has a savior complex which is likely responding to the patient's own unconscious megalomania…

  5. i have also considered talking to a shrink. in fact when i get older i'm sure i will have to have regular sessions. i value my sanity LOL i hope you find some peace. you sound confused. oh well, like we all are.

  6. I find that solitude always affords me that level of introspection I need to put things in perspective. This, of course, is a personal choice. Being naturally hermetic and socially distant, solitude affords alacrity that validation from any other person will never provide.But if you feel it might help, then for all its worth go ahead. I know someone who recently started seeing a shrink (psychiatrist), and she's been raving about it. Weird. But it good also have a placebo effect on you. If you think it helps, it will.Do note that the coffe babies have Nyl for the penchant of psychoanalysis. He, I surmise, is very effective in figuring emotional tempests. I on the other hand, am but a lonely empath. All I can do is feel.Be well, Victor.

  7. Talking to a shrink (I've heard) can be very helpful. I've thought of going to one as well, since I hate to burden my friends with my neuroses, and I figure at least I may be able to pay someone to listen to me. hahaha But as someone above me mentioned, you should try out different shrinks, research into their client recommendations and look for personal referrals. After all, it's an investment in yourself and should not be taken lightly. Best of luck. =]

  8. @random student: I think self-help is out of the question. I think I really need someone I could pay to listen to me. LOL.@Andy: Thanks! Yeah, you've been away for quite some time. Busy with work I guess? Or with something else I hope? Hehe.@Yas: When's that again? His Facebook wall doesn't say anything.@scorpiorising: I hate to disappoint you, but I don't think I qualify as film geek. There's even a question as to whether I qualify as a geek or not. LOL. It's quite interesting that you noted that it's possibe we only hire shrinks so we could hear ourselves talking about ourselves. Maybe I should get a tape recorder instead.

  9. @Lance: I now wonder whether ineffective shrinks are ineffective because, you know, they lack that certain, that certain I-shall-sort-out-your-mess, savior complex thing.@prinsesamusang: I am confused. I try not to sound like one, but I think the cracks show more often than I want them to. LOL.@Red: I envy you. But like what Lance said, getting a shrink is a subtle form of megalomania. And it appears that my megalomania is a little hard to, uh, restrain.

  10. @Glenn: I like it. You're becoming less polite. You're becoming… the real you. Hehe.@N: You're right. It really is some sort of investment, yes? I guess my next tweet would be to solicit recommendations and personal referrals. LOL.

  11. see…. hindi na talaga ako magsasasama sa inyo… nakakaladkad na kung saan saan ang pangalan ko… and not in a good way….CHOZwhat's been bothering you baby boy? we need to talk soon… isang linggo lang ako nawala ha….@ Glen… pakyut!!!and by the way…. you surely don't need one… kami nalang ni Nyl ang kasuapin mo…. kape lang ang bayad bwahahahahaha 100% guaranteed pa na magtitino ka… huwag ka kay Glen makipag usap, magiging manyak lang kalalabasan mo…. yaiy

  12. Just last night I was listening to the radio, and they were talking about clinical depression. If you really need a shrink, I guess they have some test or questionnaires to give you to determine if you really are serotonin deficient. But you know what works? Talking to a trusted friend. Practically the same with shrinks (I think), but without the medications they give and it's mostly free (para ka na ring nagbayad kung laging nagpapalibre ang friend. 🙂

  13. @Nyl: Nakooo, sorry nalaktawan kita sa comments, peste kasi nung nagsulat ako ng comments the first time, nag-error tuloy kaya inulit ko. 'Yaan mo, kapag nakahanap ako ng mahusay na shrink, refer kita! Hehe.@Lance: Ikaw din, sorry naman. I think I'm not even honest to myself that I do need a shrink. LOL.

  14. @prinsesamusang: I agree that most Filpinos do mistrust shrinks, but maybe because we hardly ever trust someone when it comes to fixing our personal mess? @Jeff: Minsan naman, nakakaladkad din ang pangalan mo in a good way. Katulad noong… noong… Wala pa akong maisip pero tiyak akong meron. LOL.@Mac Callister: Wow. I could actually use what you said as an excuse-slash-justification if in case I do get myself treated.@Dagger Deeds: I agree on the bit about friends, but talking to a stranger can be therapeutic, too.

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