last post (or rip "below the dotted line")

Four years of blogging is a long time: long enough to have realised that I shall always, always write no matter what. My blogs have been my own Rivendell, my own Numenor away from Middle-Earth, my Lothlorien right across Dol-Guldur. But like these fictional havens, the blogosphere has ceased being a safe place.

And when you don’t feel safe anymore, you scat. Which is exactly what I just decided to do. Good bye, folks.

And by the way, Happy April Fools’!



15 thoughts on “last post (or rip "below the dotted line")

  1. @Glen: I know, medyo giveaway nga. Hehe.@Jeppie: Maka-Anne Curtis ka naman. Napamulagat lang ako eh. LOL.@Karen: Wala naman. Saktong April Fools lang. :p@Yas: Same to you po! LOL.

  2. this year i got a flurry of April Fools type correspondences from a number of institutions like my professional organization. i've been trying to understand its compensatory function in general and your blog has destroyed my most likely theories thus far. thank you.

  3. @Jessan: Silliness is one of my redeeming aspects. :)@Lance: Then I'm pleased that this entry has done at least one useful thing. LOL.@Ewik: Palusot. :D@Nyl: Wag kasing puro akala. Hehe.@Rico: Salamat sa pagbisita. 🙂 Kaya nga ihiniwalay ko na yng huling part sa after ng "read more" para hindi halata. Hehe.@Kevin: Salamat din sa pagbisita. Pasensya sa obscure Tolkien references, wala na kasi akong maisip isulat. LOL.

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