dear herbs

Dear Herbs,

I will never forget you. Nor will I forget your occasionally unsettling choice of clothes: that “pretty” shirt from Topshop, that strange hat, that snug bonnet, that pair of trunks that gave “too much information.” If you can help it, I strongly advise you not to wear these in Australia.

Dear Herbs,

When Jeff said you have the status of an “institution” in the blogosphere, I found myself quick to argue that you’re more of a “trailblazer,” a little red car swerving off the road to clear a path that–

Dear Herbs,

I want you to know that I stuck a “Kick Me” note on your back when we were on our way home after coffee last week. I was wondering whether you got home safe and sound that night. I’m sorry if you got into trouble. I hope we can still be friends.

Dear Herbs,

Remember not to talk to strangers when you get Down Under. The world is full of people more evil than you or me. This is difficult to believe in, but trust me. As much as possible, avoid asking for directions on the road. Rather, always bring a map.


I will miss you more terribly than I can ever bring myself to admit. Get back home as soon as you can.

— Victor


13 thoughts on “dear herbs

  1. hahahahaha kinabog yung kay Nyl… kaya aaminin ko na… ito talaga ang ni-draft ko…..bwahahahahahabuti nalang nag comment agad si Manech, otherwise hinding hindi ko maiintindihan ang intentions mo dito hahahahahahaberi beri nays….

  2. There's something endearing and likable about this post. Despite the numerous rewrites, it seems you had a blast writing your I'm-happy-that-you're-going-on-vacation-but-I'm-gonna-miss-you-like-hell letter to Herbs, heheh. Great post. 🙂

  3. @Manech: Sometimes, our "unwritten" words matter more, you agree?@Jeff: Salamat. Ang dami mo namang nidraft. Hehe.@Nyl: Thanks. LOL. YOu shouldn't be embarrassed. I told you, I had to revamp my original post because when I read yours, I found out we're pulling off the same schtick. :D@Lemon Writer: Yeah, too bad. You can add him on Facebook so you guys could keep in touch. :D@Red: Actually, I knew Herbs would like all the frills and trills, but I decided to just cut it down to the bare basics. LOL.@LOF: I agree. Nyl's is still the best.@Rafter: I had a "fun" weekend. 😀 Thanks for dropping by.@Engel: Well, you know Herbs. Isn't he, uh, charming? :D@Andy: I did have fun writing, "unwriting," and rewriting this. Hehe.@prinsesamusang: I guess you're right. Hence my strikethroughs. 🙂

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