negotiations with the future

There is always the danger of a bed. Of soft lamp-lit darkness and the sweet rustle of slippers as I steal away from you for a smoke. You would be asleep. Thick clouds would have already defeated the moon and sky.

Later, after my cigarette gives up and dies, a brief red star tossed into the night, I would return inside, the hot air thick with silence muted only by the rhythm of your breathing. Sweat playing with my skin.

I would sit at the edge of the bed, reach for my pen and notebook, write. I would wrap my wet wrist with one angle of the bed sheet to keep the paper dry.

You would wake up and find me awake but lost in dreams, would tug gently at the corner of the sheet that held my hand. You would complain that you never see my eyes when I write, my wayward hair tumbling down my brows.

In the morning, it would rain.


17 thoughts on “negotiations with the future

  1. enveloped in silence, there's nothing i can hearthe beauty of your love, cursed me into tears….choz…. this one reminds me of Nyl's borrowing of memories from the future… powerful. ngayon, kailangan kong malaman kung sino siyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!baka pareho tayo ng pinapantasya! hahahaha

  2. Reminds me of my In Somnis Veritas series, as well. Of memories awaiting reality, and imagination bridging the solitude. The evening air spells a future we imagine as warm and as comforting as the gentle kiss of daybreak. Great writing Victor, as always.

  3. I remember this nice scene from Auraeus Solito's Boy. After having sex, the lead says something like, "Tara yosi tayo. Ito yung ginagawa nila sa pelikula pagkatapos mag seks." I think they're showing the film in Galleria this week. 🙂

  4. @Kikit: Neither. Just… one of those days, you know. LOL. I'll (try to) try to be funny again next post. Hehe.@YJ and Red: Jeez, your profile photos make me go nuts. :D@YJ: As I was writing this, it reminded me of Nyl's post, too.@Red. As Jack Kerouac once wrote, "This is the night, what it does to you." LOL.@Lance: Sometimes, when I want to, uh, "wax poetic," I find it hard to use the past tense. :D@Nyl: I'm taking that as a compliment. Hehe.@Andy: That's funny. 😀 Are you going to see it?

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