fictions revolutions

“This is good bye then, Victor.”

“Who knows when I will be needing you again? If I will be needing you again. This is merely a new stage in our strange relationship.”

“I have a feeling that you are right. You think too much about the real me, and that’s all you ever do: think. People are lucky if you write what you think. I mean, what you really think. You hide behind these sort of blog posts. And right now, the real me does not yet exactly encourage or (discourage) your vanity. Your narcissism is bound to summon me from the shadows of your sick mind.”

“You really are adorable, do you know that?”

“Thank you.”

“Good bye, Selkirk.”

“Nein, Victor. Auf Wiedersehen.




10 thoughts on “fictions revolutions

  1. i think an evening talk show called "Victor Gregor" would be hot, with a foreigner side-kick named Selkirk he could beat up on all the time. Could you image the ratings? Boundless creative narcissism sells!

  2. It's okay to be narcissistic. I think we're all vain to a certain extent. Those who aren't were executed long ago during the middle ages. HehehHappy Friday, Victor! :))

  3. @red: As I said, this is just a new stage in my strange relationship with the fictional Selkirk. :)@Jeff: Sabi ko na kasi sayo, kailangan ko na ng gamot ko.@Ewik: I did not know being psychotic can be this, uh, therapeutic.@Moi: Yeah. I guess we say good bye in many different ways.@Lance: At least, no one yet.@Nyl: Vanity of vanities.@Lance: I will be seriously considering that. In the event that it becomes a reality, I hope they don't put my show on primetime. Not good for the kids, you know. LOL.@Andy: But sometimes, you know, it pays to pretend otherwise. You must agree! :D@Japanese characters: Yours is the comment that I really like. But I have a suspicion that you are not a real human being.

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