Life is full of interruptions. One second you’re watching this good movie in the theater, the next second some nice person’s ass is blocking the view. One second you’re reading a good book, the next second you realize you have to put it down to pee.

One second, you’re garbling stories about the rich, the next you’re caught in a web of… a web of whatever-this-is. How thoroughly convenient.




17 thoughts on “interruptus

  1. One second you're reading a good book, the next second you realize you have to put it down to pee.try this…hold the book with your left hand while you me weird but i do read inside the comfort room. 😉

  2. one moment you're sad and ridiculously depressed, the next moment you're so fucking high on life you have to look down in order to see heaven!!! (borrowed words)one moment you're sucking on a d**k like an all day lollipop, the next moment you're in the principal's office with your parents…. (my words)teheeeee…………:)

  3. @Moi: But then you still need to get up and go to the john. I prefer to hold it. LOL.@Manech: Not if the view on the screen's better than any person's derriere. :D@Lance: That's why sometimes, it's too easy to be incurably cynical.@Lee: Yeah, I've taken life's hardest punches with a grin, so this should be a piece of cake. @Mga Epal: Thank you! I'm a little hung over from last night still, and I can't figure out your reference. :(@Jeff: As expcted, your comment is original again. At bastos. Hehe.@Red: Did somebody famous say everything comes in bipolar pairs?@Colorblind: Thanks for visiting here, too. :)@Andy: But there's a point where "exciting" can turn to "too exciting." Hopefully, in my case, I now don't think it would turn to something more than "mildly interesting." LOL.

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