fictions reloaded

“You’re evil, Victor.”


“You heard me. You’re evil. Otherwise, why would I be here? This is pure indecency. This absurd bench we are sitting on, the clean new haircut you have, this inexhaustible cigarette in my hand, this imagined conversation–all manifestations of your cowardly shamelessness, your cunning strategies. And ‘Selkirk’ my ass. Why else would you have given me, I mean the real me, such an easy pseudonym? And we’re not even talking about that hideous title. … and other fictions. Pathetic. I know you have anticipated this to happen, imagined every detail. You have invented this conversation in advance. He who is to perform a horrendous act should imagine to himself that it is already done, should impose to himself a future as irrevocable as the past. Jorge Luis Borges, The Garden of Forking Paths.”

“Can I say something?”

“No, I’m not done yet, so I’d appreciate it if you’d rather refrain from interrupting me. And don’t you dare click on that Publish Post Butt–“


11 thoughts on “fictions reloaded

  1. parang libro na yung binabasa ko..galing! 😀 galing galing! :Dhalos lahat tayo..may ganyang idea sa utak..yung parang there's someone talking to you and there's the evil thing going on..haha

  2. @Caloy: Thanks. Nitong mga nakaraang mga araw e yan lang ang pinagkakaabalahan ko. Pampatulog. LOL.@Lance: Unfortunately, that will remain just another possibility.@Anonymous: Welcome back, anonymous. Or should I say… :)@Manech: Why, thank you. Humorous self-deprecation, that's all I do these days. Pretty nice hobby, when the alternative is self-pity. :D@Andy: I'm all for donuts, especially when it's a whole box and they're Krispy Kreme. But I'm too lazy to get my ass out of the house. And well, there's the question of how much they cost, too. LOL.@YJ: Bumigay na eh. Pero… You know what, talk to you soon. Hehe.

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