chris agrava and other fictions

“Do you know why you’re here?”

“Because you’re lonely and you needed company? Also you can’t sleep and when you can’t sleep, you make-believe.”

“Does that annoy you?”

“What do you mean does-that-annoy-me? I’m a fictional version of someone else, a figment of your imagination, a construct of your boredom. Like this conversation, and these cups of coffee between us, this cigarette in my hand, the absence of my glasses. Oops, I shouldn’t have said that. Sorry.”

“That’s okay. I mean, I made you say that.”

“I wonder what the real me would think if he reads this.”

“Honestly, I am nervous but excited about the possibility. Just for the kick of it. What I am wondering is if Alvarez would read this, too.”

“Alvarez. What a lame codename.”

“My creative abilities are limited, honey.”

“I am sure he will kick your ass if he reads this.”


“Alvarez. He will kick your ass if he gets to read this. You are courting disaster.”

“We’ll see. Isn’t it exciting? I never felt so nervous and excited since the affair with Kazuo Ishiguro.”

“You know, to seal your doom, you could make me kiss you and make me say that I have liked you from even before.”

“I’m sorry to disappoint you but I haven’t become that insane yet.”

“Not many nights ago, you had a dream about attacking Jeffrey H. And now you’re daydreaming about me. I mean, the real me. So if you aren’t perverse yet, I think it’s safe for me to say that you are well on your way to perversion.”

“First, my ‘attack’ on Jeffrey H was purely verbal, I assure you, although of course I entertained the thought of taking a more… violent course of action. And second, why am I making you so talkative? I’m sure the real you isn’t a blabbermouth.”

“You know that this kind of conversation is your idea of a prelude to romance.”

“Shut up. Too much information.”

“Then stop writing this stuff and go to bed.”

“All right, I’ll click on ‘Publish Post’ once I finish a few more lines.”



“Wait. We haven’t talked about the post title yet.”

“I think we have said enough to firmly establish the connection. At least for the parties involved.”

“Fine. Bye, Victor.”

“Nice ‘meeting’ you. Bye.”

… … …


“I said bye.”

“Okay. Good ‘night’.”

“Good ‘night’.”


12 thoughts on “chris agrava and other fictions

  1. @Nyl: Hmmm. You think this is strange, so you must have an idea? :)@Dabo: Thank you. This was written impromptu and I always thought my impromptu writings are the most honest. :)@Kris: Parang si Jerrie yata ang nagsulat ng Agrava line na yun. Ay hindi pala, why-don't-we-just-all-perish pala ang linya ni Jerrie. Di ko na maalala, sorry. Hehe.

  2. Oh, the fantastic conversations inside our heads, and the wonderful ways in which we crash into the idea of someone else. They make really good material for fiction.Goodluck. Go get him. 🙂

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