gain formula

Earlier when I woke up, I looked at the mirror and found out I have gained a bit of weight. I was washing my face in the bathroom sink when I caught myself in the mirror and realized my face was a little less disgusting shrunken than the last time I checked. (I have lately avoided reflective surfaces of any kind.)

I thought at first that it may have been some trick, that the pillow I slept on might have temporarily arranged my face into a semblance of health. But I checked my arms and they looked less scrawny. My shoulders were less bony. When I was done shaving, my skin even appeared to be a paler shade of gray than I remember.

I considered a stupid but entertaining theory. Maybe the mirror needs to be replaced by a new one? I remember from a high school chemistry lesson that glass is actually liquid, with a very high viscosity; it’s so thick that it looks solid.

Since viscosity increases as temperature increases, and Manila has been experiencing hellish weather lately (quite unusual this time of the year, I think), the mirror’s glass may have increased viscosity and “flowed” down, hence decreasing its ability to reflect accurately?

But I did not want to worry too much, so I decided it was a good sign, that I am starting to move on with my life, that I am really getting healthier, though of course all this may have been just because I ate massive amounts of Hong Kong Style noodles the other day. (That would have been a more plausible explanation.) Still, feeling better and better about myself by the minute, I went out of the bathroom to have my first cigarette. Hello another day.


10 thoughts on “gain formula

  1. Oops. Guys, sorry. There was something wrong with Blogger or my proxy server, or I don't know, but this post got published without the text body. I've republished this post with the complete text. :)So, no, di ako pa-postmodernist. 😀

  2. cool. my high school chem teacher never said any of that mirror stuff in class. or if she did, maybe my mind was just wandering elsewhere that's why i didn't hear it. haha.

  3. at nagpapakimbo nanaman ako nung tinuro yang mga viscocity churvah na yan sa klase hahahahahoy… alak ang nagpapataba sayo… kaya inom pa tayo…. blep

  4. @Lance: Hindi ako pomo! 😀 @Marion: Our high school chemistry class is our first period so my mind had not begun to wander during that time of the day. :)@Jeff: I don't think there'd be a problem if it were alcohol. The end justifies the means!

  5. i agree with gentle, naloka din ako sa dami ng blog mo hehehe— -melodramatic ang delivery ng pagkasulat ng author pero it suggests two things: looking at things at different angles in order to produce a better or more positive perspective. second how a simple stuff like washing face could be made complicated and thus interesting— –love the attitude. =)

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